Beginner Handbuilding Classes


Book a 6 week course for beginner hand-building pottery. Each session is 2 hours long the first hour is taught and the second hour is for you to play with the clay and try out the techniques learnt. These are 1:1 sessions, for date and times please contact Kayleigh directly at to book your sessions.

Week 1 – All about the Clay includes: Clay preparation, wedging, storage of clay, how to reclaim it, and how to roll a slab.

Week 2 – Making a container includes: learning how to make a vessel through pinching, slabbing and Coiling.

Week 3 – Surface Decoration includes:  Creating textured surfaces, additions to clay, manipulation of the clay for decorative purpose, using a sprig moulds.

Week 4 – Slip includes: how to use a slip trailer, decorate with slip, and sgraffito.

Week 5 – Plaster moulds includes: How to use a press/mould, and make your own stamps.

Week 6 – Basic Glazing includes: How to glaze your object, using underglaze, wax resist patterns.



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